Attendance  Requirements

Given that the program is only 12 instructional Fridays, each class is packed with necessary and critical information and skill training. It is imperative that students attend all sessions and remain for the entire instructional time frame. We understand that emergencies do arise and we do our best to work with students; however, when a student misses, he/she is ultimately responsible for the missed information. In keeping with our grading policy, students are required to attend ALL class time. However, if a student does miss (please see below for a list of excused absences), he/she can make up the missed course work only one time. On the second absence, he/she will obtain an automatic zero for all missed tests and pop quizzes. Be aware that even if a student has maintained a 75% grade average for the course, but he/she has not met the attendance policy, the student is at risk of not graduating from the program, left to the discretion of the instructors and Dr. McKelvey.

Internship  Requirements

Students are required to do an internship/externship for at a minimum of 100 hours over the course of the 14-week program. This is to be done during the work week at a local office of your choosing, or at our affiliate offices (any of the Dental Associates offices around North Alabama, or at Hartselle Family Dentistry). During this internship, students are required to assist the dentist chairside starting around week 3 (but could start as early as Week 1). Students will be given a list of clinical requirements on the first day of class to be completed by the end of the program.

Students are encouraged to set up an externship with a local dental office of their choosing. This could be an office where the student grew up going to, an office where a friend works, or an office where a relative works. This needs to be set up between the student and the dental office before the course begins. The externship schedule can then be coordinated between that office and the student, as long as it is on a consistent weekly basis during the work week.

Internship sign-up sheets for our offices will be posted at the front of the classroom at the beginning of each week with time slots for students to sign up. This will be a first come first serve basis. The doors to the school open each week at 7:30 a.m. If there is a time slot that works best for a student each week, then it will be the responsibility of that student to get there early enough to ensure that he/she is able to obtain that slot. The excuse of “the time slots were always taken each week” will NOT be accepted.

If a student signs up for an allotted time and leaves early or becomes MIA during part of the internship, those hours will NOT be counted. If this happens 2 or more times, the student will be dismissed from interning at our offices. If he/she signs up to intern and doesn’t show up, the student will be dismissed from interning at our offices after the 2nd no show.

Excused  Absences

Excused absences have to be authorized by the North Alabama Dental Assisting Program. Anticipated excused absences must be cleared with the instructor prior to the event, and religious observances must be declared at the beginning of the course. An independent official must verify unanticipated or emergency excused absences.

Examples of excused absences and the required documentation and verification are offered in the following tables:

Emergency or Unanticipated
Illness or injury requiring doctor visit
Death of a family member
Inclement weather

Court or Jury Appearance
Military Obligation
Religious Observances
Family vacation planned prior to enrollment (only 1 allowed)

Required Documentation
Physician’s excuse
Copy of obituary
DOT road closed verification

Required Documentation
Clerk of the Court
Copy of orders
Student initiated request
Student initiated request

**If a student has a medical condition that can flare up unexpectantly, and therefore can prevent the student from attending class and/or clinical requirements, the NADAP will need a note from the treating physician explaining this, before the beginning of class.